Dichroic Window Film

Dichroic Window Film

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When a single hue just won't suffice, unleash your creativity with our exclusive range of dichroic window films, and let yourself be enveloped in a vibrant spectrum of colors.

Immerse yourself in a captivating world of color with our self-adhesive dichroic films, where hues undergo a mesmerizing transformation in both transmission and reflection. This unique fusion of shades and tones gracefully evolves as the observer's perspective dances across the surface.

It is the same application with soapy water as any window film so easy to apply.  

Key Features:

- Experience an enchanting color shift that transitions between deep and beautiful hues as you change your viewing angle.
- Crafted from premium-grade polyester film, our product withstands the rigors of regular use, resisting unsightly scratches.

Dichroic Colour Change Films

Applications: Our dichroic films are perfect for a range of eye-catching applications:

- Add the 'wow' factor to hotels, restaurants, museums, and galleries, elevating their aesthetic appeal.
- Elevate the visual appeal of retail spaces with striking decorations and displays.
- Transform ordinary windows into captivating decorative displays.
- Create distinctive meeting room and office partitions that set your workspace apart.
- Adorn hospitality venues and exhibition spaces with impressive graphics that leave a lasting impact.
- Customized applications for glass and acrylic projects that demand a touch of uniqueness.

Dichroic Colour Change Films

*Interior Only Film