Magnetic Wrap Stick set

Magnetic Wrap Stick set


Introducing the 7 piece Magnetic Wrap Stick Tool Set, a game-changing ensemble designed to revolutionize the art of vehicle wrapping. Crafted with precision and innovation, this set combines the versatility of wrap sticks with the magnetic prowess to provide an unparalleled wrapping experience.

They come with a carrier case and are on average 17cm (6.5 inch) long.

At the core of this toolkit are the wrap sticks, each expertly designed for specific tasks, including smoothing, lifting, and tucking. These sticks are crafted from durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability in every application. The magnetic feature takes these tools to the next level, allowing for easy storage and accessibility during your wrapping endeavors.

The set's magnetic properties come to life with strategically embedded magnets within each wrap stick. This design not only keeps the tools securely attached to metallic surfaces but also allows for convenient organization on a magnetic work surface. No more fumbling for tools or searching for misplaced equipment – the Magnetic Wrap Stick Tool Set ensures efficiency and order in your workspace.

The ergonomic design of each wrap stick provides a comfortable grip, promoting precise control and reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The magnetic feature enhances usability by allowing quick and secure attachment to metallic surfaces, ensuring that your tools are always within reach.

Whether you're a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, the Magnetic Wrap Stick Tool Set is an indispensable companion for achieving flawless results. Experience the seamless synergy of magnetic convenience and precision tooling, elevating your vehicle wrapping projects to new heights of efficiency and professionalism.