I live in the UK, do I pay additional import tax after brexit for my delivery? 

No, we are now UK VAT registered so all UK customers will not pay any import tax or customs fees. You simply pay our standard price with UK VAT added at checkout just as you normally would before brexit and we will deliver to you with no extra hidden charges.  

What size sheet of wrap do I need?

Check out our new Size Guide here. Also when ordering multiple quantity of meters please specify if you need the meters cut separately.

*When selecting your size and you select only quantity of the default size please specify if you need it cut otherwise it will be sent in a continuous sheet.  

How do I clean your car and architectural wrapping vinyl?

Our Vinyls can be cleaned with commercially available synthetic detergents and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive materials and be sure to rinse off all detergent. There is also a range of specialized car washing soaps for matte and satin wraps available from Chemical Guys.

Are wrapping vinyls removable?

Yes, the product can be removed with heat and cleaners and will not damage the surface, in fact it will protect the surface it covers.

How do I prepare the surface for wrapping?

Clean the surface thoroughly with soapy water as normal to remove any loose dirt. Then you need to de-grease the surface so wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol or panel wipes and the surface should be ready for wrapping.

What tools do I need for wrapping?

The main tool you will need is a squeegee and a blade which you can buy from us here. You will also need a heatgun for large projects or if your doing a small part then a hairdryer will do. 

What temperature should I wrap in? 

It is always best to wrap indoors at room temperature (68°F / 20°C) or above. The warmer it is, the easier it is. If you cannot get access to a garage or anywhere indoors make sure it is a warm day with no wind if wrapping the exterior of your vehicle. 

Do you offer a Trade Discount?

While our main clientele are DIY fitters we can supply our frequent buyers with a discount. Please see our Frequent Buyers Section for more info.

What types of surfaces can I apply your Architectural Wrapping Vinyls to?

We have had customers wrap all sorts from kitchens to guitars. Once the surface is a smooth and clean the wrap will stick to it so the limitations are endless. Bare Wood and MDF should be primed before wrapping as they are a porous material. We provide a huge range of finishes for every project including wrapping your Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Tables, Office Desks, Kids Furniture, Ikea Furniture etc...