Gloss Black De-Chrome Vinyl

Gloss Black De-Chrome Vinyl

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Our De-chrome Vinyl Wrap is perfect for your chrome delete and comes in a 10cm (4inch) width and length of 14 Meters (46ft). Easily delete your chrome without any waste. 

Our Gloss Black Wrap is bubble free and also has a 3 layer vinyl and comes with a protective outer layer which can be removed during or after install for a scratch free finish. 

- Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
- Type: G-600 Series
- Material: High-Flex Polymeric PVC Film 
- Durability: Outdoor 3-5 years, indoor 8-10 years
- Thickness: 120micron
- Feature: With ADT (Air Drain Technology) for Bubble Free Application
- Application: Dry application for full, partial exterior and interior wraps
- Minimum operating temperature 25°c