Super Gloss 6K Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap SGCF-6K

Super Gloss 6K Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap SGCF-6K


Chromatic's Super Gloss 6K Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap for cars and bikes is a stunning and eye-catching vinyl that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any vehicle. This ultra premium vinyl wrap comes with a PET liner which enables a brilliant, mirror-like finish that creates a sleek and polished appearance, instantly transforming the vehicle's exterior.

This multilayered calendared vinyl features low initial tack with its pressure sensitive adhesive which makes it easy to reposition and the Air Release allows for a bubble free finish. 

The Super Gloss Series are the closest you will get to an OEM paint like finish on the market.  


Thickness: 160 microns
Application: Dry
Features: PET Liner with micro air-release, Top protective liner which is removed during install. 
Adhesive: Reposition-able, Pressure sensitive.
Expected lifespan: 3-5 years Interior and Exterior
Conformability: Very high
Post Heat Temp : 100°c


Our Super Gloss Finishes are the closest finish you will get to real paint, order sample above and check out this amazing finish. 

Install tips:
These Super Gloss wraps have such a high clarity that it is important to remove all contaminants from your bodywork as the smallest imperfection in your body work will be magnified by the super high gloss finish of these wraps. We recommend using a clay bar to prevent any imperfection on your vehicle wrap. 
**Storage instructions: 
When taking vinyl off the roll it is best to take the protective top layer off when storing the vinyl to prevent tunneling.  Also always make sure the roll of vinyl on the core is rolled tight. 
We recommend ordering a sample to confirm colour as screens can vary in accuracy. 
Super Gloss 6K Carbon Fibre SGCF-6K